Upcoming Auditions

Group Audition Notice

Monday February 10 & 17, 2020
7:30-9:30 pm

Elmira Theatre

76 Howard Ave., Elmira, ON

For more Info: contact Bev Dietrich


The plays will be performed on June 13, 2020
Rehearsals start mid May

The Death of Me by Norm Foster

Directed by Andy Wasylycia

Play Synopsis:
A lighthearted look at what happens when one man attempts to bargain with The Angel of Death.

Characters: 2 M, 2 F

  • John Adderly – male, late 20s – early 30s “nice guy”, momma’s boy, clean cut, all round good Canadian boy
  • Angel of Death – female, ageless, cocky, self-assured, irreverent, doesn’t take “life” seriously
  • Cassie – female late 20s, early 30s, insecure, paranoid, needy yet judgemental
  • Doctor – male, 50 to 60 Egotistical, chauvinistic, completely egocentric, pompous


George is Dead by Elaine May

Directed by Tom Bolton

Play Synopsis:
Doreen’s husband George had died as the result of a skiing accident in Aspen. Having no one to turn to Doreen arrives at Carla’s apartment. Carla does her best to comfort and assist Doreen with funeral arrangements. Carla’s husband Michael arrives home and it is clear that Michael and Carla are in the throes of marital dysfunction. Carla’s mother, who was once Doreen’s nanny, arrives and shows preference for her former charge over her own daughter. When the funeral director arrives with George’s body, Carla being driven to the limits of her subservient nature, tells him exactly what to do with George’s body.

Characters: 3 M, 3 F

  • Doreen: 55-65 Female. Jewish ethnicity. Somewhat scatter-brained and has difficulty focusing. Self-absorbed. Her station in life has blinded her to those on some lesser strata. She is socially inept.
  • Carla: 50-60 yrs Female. Subservient personality. Quick witted but unable to muster any fortitude to withstand opposition from those close to her. Low self-esteem
  • Michael: 50-60 yrs. Male. Domineering in need of acknowledgement/recognition
  • Nanny: 65-75 yrs. Female
  • Funeral Director: 30-65 yrs Male
  • Assistant Funeral Director: 30-65 yrs. Male/Female


Letty on the Bench by Jolene Goldenthal

Directed by Brian Otto

Play Synopsis:
Letty appears to be a homeless “street person”, carrying her world in an oversized bag. Her brother Cap arrives and pleads with her to come home with him, to get off the streets. Letty is reluctant and a little confused. They play some painful scenes from their childhood, reliving trauma that Cap appears to have survived better than Letty. At end of scene, Cap reluctantly leaves Letty on bench, promising to keep returning until she agrees to go with him.

Characters: 1 M, 1F

  • Letty: early-mid 30s. She is mostly aware of time/place, but sometimes gets disoriented. Must be able to play her current self, and shift voice and posture instantly to be herself at 9-11 years old, and also assume the angry voice of her mother from years prior
  • Cap: Letty’s older brother by 2-3 years, mid-late 30s. He must also be able to instantly assume voice and posture of his 11-13 year old self, as well as the angry, hateful voice of his father from years prior.


Nancy by Michael G. Wilmot

Directed by Kimberley Young

Play Synopsis:
While Alan patiently waits in the park for his wife, Nancy, he meets teenage Jimmy. They strike up a conversation despite the fact that they seem to have nothing in common. Separated by generations, they find understanding and friendship.

Characters: 2 M, 1 M/F

  • Alan: 80s M
  • Jimmy: Teen M
  • Passerby: any age M/F