Upcoming Auditions


written by Michael G. Wilmot

WHEN:  June 10 and June 12 at 7:00pm
Elmira Theatre Company,    76 Howard Avenue, Elmira
Director:  Trish Starodub
Synopsis:  Two retired couples grapple with the next stage of life and seek out new adventures. Will it be art classes? Wood working? Travelling the open road on a Harley Davidson? Who knows!? The challenges and chuckles between the two couples are endless! If only Fred Baxter (one of the husbands) can figure out what is ailing him! Self-diagnosis at it’s best!

All are late 50’s to mid 60’s

MARTY: A retired High School English teacher
DEB: Marty’s wife, retired
FRED BAXTER: Friend of Marty and Deb, Gladys’s husband. Retired.
GLADYS BAXTER: Friend of Marty and Deb, Fred’s wife. Also retired
The audition will be a cold read.
See you there!!
(Show will run November 1 – 16, 2019)